Frequently Asked Questions

I can't get my tickets to print at home ... what should I do?

I have purchased tickets to a performance but I can no longer make it to that performance, what can I do?

I had tickets to a performance but I was unable to attend.  Can I get my money back or use those tickets for a future performance?

Can I buy a gift card to give as a gift this holiday season?

I would like to help with building sets, hanging lights, finding props, building and/or finding costumes, stage crew during performances, animal wrangling during performances, actor wrangling during performances, or any other myriad of really fun and rewarding off-stage responsibilities. What should I do?

Wondering when auditions are for the next production?

"Any chance you will have a show on (some future date)?"

"Can we usher for (some future event)?"

"I would like to purchase tickets to a show but I will not put my credit card information into a web form. How do I get tickets?"

"I have just purchased tickets online but during the process I did not get a chance to pick my seats. What happened?!?"

"I have a question that you have not addressed in this frequently asked questions list ... I must be super special!"